Wylie Community Band

The WCB rehearses at Wylie High School on Sunday afternoons from 2 - 3:30 PM. The band has presented a full concert at the Meyerson Symphony Center, and has also begun an annual concert series at North Park Mall. The WCB has no audition requirement, and strives to balance challenging music, engaging performances and a fun atmosphere.  

Here is what some of our
members are saying:

I didn’t touch my instrument for 17 years and was very nervous about playing again. The Wylie Community Band is the perfect venue for me! We play music and have fun in an atmosphere that is warm and inviting. Thanks to the WCB, I can see myself playing for a long time!!
--M.J. Tykoski (Oboe)

"What makes Wylie Community Band special is that it's truly a community band. WCB attracts local amateur, student and professional musicians of all kinds, and we come together once a week to make music. Ross and Liz Grant will make any North Texas musician feel right at home in Wylie." 
-- Amanda Mahoney, Bass Clarinet

“The Wylie Community Band has fulfilled such a musical need in my life, as I have dreamed of being part of a band or orchestra since graduating from high school many years ago. Making music with the WCB under the leadership of our wonderful director, Dr. Ross Grant, brings me such joy. His easy going leadership style, his amazing ability to motivate us to be the best, and his warm personality make our rehearsals such a fun time.”

--Stephanie Codara, Alto Saxophone

Relatively new to Texas, and in an area that boasts the most concert bands per square inch in the U.S., I have spent the last 2 ½ years looking for a concert band that shares my ideals regarding music selection, musicianship, leadership and friendly atmosphere. I have, recently, found that band in the form of Dr. Ross Grant and the Wylie Community Band. The WCB = great music, strong musicians, and a hospitable atmosphere under the friendly and knowledgeable direction of Dr. Grant. As the word gets out, this relatively new concert band will surely become one of North Texas’ premier concert bands.
− Mike Henebry

The Wylie Community Band has been one of my favorite things about moving back to Texas. It’s great to get to play music again with some of my old friends in a laid-back and fun atmosphere and to be a part of the community where I grew up. After using my brain one way all week at work, I really enjoy getting to exercise it in a totally different way at rehearsal on Sundays.

Wylie community Band